Uneven Hero

Label: Independent
Release Date: 15-10-2014
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1. Uneven Hero
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Uneven Hero

All I wanted was
to be your hero
Built my web of lies
and our castle made of cards

How you dare deny
me inside your mind

I gave you my life, you little (bitch)

You have nothing to be proud
say it out loud
I'm your only way out
of your fucked up life

All I dreamed was that
you could be mine
Embrace my ways of life
and never wonder why

How you dare deny
me inside your heart

I gave you my life, you little (bitch)

You'll fall again as you've done through all your life
It's so easy to leave and forget my sacrifice
I'm your master, you ... you own me your mind
Miserable existence, I'm your angel, DIE
About New Album

Guitar: Luccas Vasconcellos
Drums: Sergio Barsant
Vocal: Laís Tomaz
Keyboard: Jeferson Santos de Menezes
Bass: Rodrigo Sughayyer Elias

Music by Valiria
Lyrics by Laís Tomaz

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcelo Farjoni from Indústria Musical.

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