Red Hands

Label: Independent
Release Date: 15-3-2015
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1. Red Hands
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Red Hands

We've sailed so many seas
We’ve crossed the oceans deep
Can you hear the sirens?
They're singing about our story

We fought demons within
Killed all the kings and queens
Oh little I knew
That I would be your next butchery

Red hands
You cannot wash it all away
Pretend you didn’t cross my way
Red Hands
I can see it in your eyes
Shut the door, leave me to die

We tried so hard to hide
The real truth behind
Can’t you see the signs?
They’re announcing our next lullaby

It’s written in the stars
We cannot fight this time
All we got is lost
Can’t you taste the death on my lips?

This ship is sinking
How long can you hold your breath?
My lungs are full of blood
It’s your turn to drown
About New Album

Lead Guitar: Luccas Vasconcellos
Drums: Sergio Barsant
Vocal: Laís Tomaz
Bass Guitar: Rodrigo Sughayyer

Music by Valiria
Lyrics by Laís Tomaz

Recorded by Valiria
Mixed by Luccas Vasconcellos
Mastered by Sergio Barsant

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