Blind Faith

Label: Independent
Release Date: 5-2-2016
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1. One Day
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2. Lies
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3. Lullaby for madness
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4. Come to me
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5. Shot me down
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One Day

One day this will be over
Then you'll play our game
Feel our pain
We'll make sure to be the ones
Holding the flames

How could you call yourself
a place of love and respect
When your hands are full of
Innocent blood, innocent children
We will never forgive how
Lives are so worthless
To those who claim to follow
a god of love, he's made of lies

I'll make you, I'll make you suffer


Pretty faces everywhere
Perfect bodies just for sale
I don't longer wanna know
What the mirror has to tell

And it's so hard to fight
All the images all the time
Soon you'll realize
You want it all

Even when I didn't want it a second ago

I love to consume the lies
And all the beauty inside
They make me feel so alive
For just some time

Even though I know it's not
I can't help it get to me
Sometimes it's so frustrating
How I can't control my needs

And it's so hard to fight
All the images all the time
Soon you'll realize
You want it all

Even when I didn't want it a second ago.

Lullaby for madness

When will I really heal
I'm sick of these memories rotting in me
They keep coming and going like ghosts of a dead past
Fighting to relive

She told me this turn was my own choice to make
What will it be?
To keep living in yesterday or embrace today

I'm starting to forget your face
Then someday I will erase you from my pain
This is the final move of our dance
I'll reap apart my heart so nothing can remain

I'm climbing this montain day after day
And I'm leaving our grave behind
Now you're are where you really deserve
Buried six feet under my real life

I heard her, she was right
You can't hurt me anymore
Now that I know
Who you really are, you're worth of my pity and nothing more

Come to me

Deep in green but blue eyes
I can decipher what you hide
Behind your iron mask
Built with fear and distance sighs

Please don’t be afraid
I’m just like you
Hear my voice and feel my beating heart

Come to me
Lie me down and tight my knees
Close my eyes and love me
Until my tears hit the ground

Buried inside of the pride
Lies a soul that earns to try
Learn all the mysteries
That live on the tips of your fingers
Show me, teach me, please me
Together we can reach the gates of hell

Shot me down

So naive, I could never know your thoughts behind your mask of love
How could I know what love was when you weren't ever real?

You shot me down
Cut my wings like you did to
my dreams and caged inside your insecurities

I'll never forget nor ever forgive, christ is so far away from me
You don't deserve any second thoughts about your cruel sins

You'll forever be in my worst memories
About New Album
Vocals: Laís Tomaz
Lead Guitar: Luccas Vasconcellos
Drums: Sergio Barsant
Bass Guitar: Rodrigo SughayyerMusic by Valiria
Lyrics by Laís Tomaz

Recorded by Valiria
Mixed by Luccas Vasconcellos
Mastered by Sergio Barsant

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