Especial message for International Women’s Day

I grow up inside churches and this is how I got in touch with music in the first place, but a woman in metal that really inspired me to want express myself through music.

I was 12 years old when I saw Bring me to life from Evanescence music video for the first time and it changed my life. For the first time I heard a female voice mixed with a music style I was starting to know, metal. For the first time I realized I could express myself through metal.

If you are not a “minority”, maybe you’ll never understand the importance of the word “representation”, but that’s what Amy Lee was for me, a proof I was capable.

The fact that my name was among those amazing women inside this magazine released last year made me very happy, to be a magazine cover one day would be amazing, but ABOVE all that, making a difference in the life of another girl, like Amy was for me, would make my life worth living.

This day is not about futile congratulations, it’s about understanding the reason why it exists and to celebrate women that break boundaries. And I hope it’ll not exist anymore one day.

For our women fans, I urge you: be yourselves, never let anyone tell you cannot do something because you’re a woman and make a positive impact on another women’s lives.

With love
Laís Tomaz

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