Whiplash’s review of Blind Faith

By Fábio Pitombeira
Rating: 09.0/10.0

Ad Lo, as I had forgotten about Evanescence it appears over the horizon on 2016 a band which drinks from the same source as the Americans, especially if we consider the beautiful tone of the singer Laís Tomaz, as well as the New Metal- oriented bases and riffs. Don’t fool yourself, Valiria picks up elements from its greater influence and applies to it its typical Brazilian mood in their forefront Metal. Production is modest, but for a debut work it’s very fitting, especially because what catches the eye in this “Blind Faith” is the sobriety applied to every note, arrange and especially to Laís beautiful acting.

Although we can detect some slipping of the musician, she’s got a voice that catches you and just doesn’t let go, as can be seen in the great song “One Day”.
Valiria starts in the scene very accordingly, which already grants us a great first impression.

Being appointed to us by their current label, I believe their first album is about to show, and that will be of great value to keep them in evidence in a strain that lacks great names in the country.

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